How to Become a Flask Developer

Flask is a web application framework implemented using Python. A web application framework is a tool or a platform that enables the development, deployment, and maintenance of a web application.

Flask can be considered as a Python module that enables a programmer to perform activities about web development. It runs webpages on localhost servers and is developer-friendly.

Flask is fairly easy to learn and has numerous applications, so if you want to become a python web developer, then learning Flask is the way to go!

Why Choose Flask?

Flask provides a lot of features that are very useful for web developers. It simplifies tedious tasks and provides flexibility over debugging and templating.

Some noteworthy features of Flask are:

  1. Helps developers by hosting their webpage on local servers
  2. Enables running in debugging mode
  3. Dynamic URLs
  4. Various HTTP methods of URL routing
  5. Connects with Jinja templates for front-end design reusability 6. Compatible with Google app engine
  6. Inbuilt integrated support for Unit testing
  7. Enables database connectivity using modules like SQLAlchemy or psycopg2
  8. Compatible with Rest APIs

Skills Needed to Become a Flask Developer

To become a Flask developer, you need to develop certain skills. Given below are some technical skills that you can develop that will make you ready to apply for Flask development jobs.

  1. Fluency in Python modules and syntax
  2. Proficiency in web development basics and Flask framework
  3. Working knowledge of URL routing
  4. Knowledge of HTTP methods 
  5. Debugging skills 
  6. Knowledge about localhost servers and ports 
  7. Knowledge of database platforms like PostgreSQL or PHPmyAdmin for database connectivity 
  8. Skills for proper documentation and readable code for better unit testing
  9. Knowledge and implementation of various libraries in web applications

Roadmap to Becoming a Flask Developer

Now let’s have a look at the steps to becoming a Flask web developer.

1. Learn the Fundamentals of Python

The first and the most obvious step is to have some basic proficiency in Python. Since the Flask framework is written in Python, the backend of your web application will be completely dependent on it. 

It is highly recommended to have some rudimentary knowledge of Python programming language. If you are new to coding and want a basic idea of Python, check out this article.

2. Understand the Basics of Web Development

Flask is mainly used for web application development. So before you start learning Flask, you need to have an idea of what a web application is and how to develop, deploy and maintain one.

You don’t have to be a pro at it. If you have a basic understanding of using HTML in the front end and accessing HTTP variables in the back end, you’re pretty much good to start.

3. Learn the Fundamentals of Flask Framework

If you know the basics of Python and a basic understanding of web development, it’s time to learn the Flask framework.

To become a pro at something, you need to have a strong foundation. Start by learning the basics clearly, apply your knowledge to simple concepts, and slowly make your way into big projects.

Here are a few steps you can follow to become good at Flask:

  • Open your favorite Python IDE, build a simple webpage and start running it on a local server using Flask. To brush up on basics, take a look at this article on Introduction to Flask Web Development.
  • Try experimenting with the design. Try using multiple pages with the help of URL routing. Take it further by creating a website with multiple pages to test your URL routing skills.
  • Once you can connect multiple pages, try assigning some value to your website. Use forms to get data from users or try making it more interactive. This increases your skills over back-end development.
  • To turn your code into a real-time application, connect it to databases to store information. You don’t need to be a pro at database management. If you know basic SQL commands, that works well too.
  • Now try and combine all the things you have learned to construct a working app that runs in real-time. Try creating multiple projects using the different concepts. This will boost the quality of your portfolio.
  • To start your series of Flask projects, here is a step-by-step guide for a small project of creating a To-do-list app using Flask.
  • Create a GitHub account and upload all your projects on it. Document your projects in a readable format. You can also create some open-source material to help novice developers.
  • It’s always great to have a portfolio of projects so that you can show your skills to employers or recruiters.

You can learn Python and Flask using their official documentation. If you are not comfortable learning with the documentation, do courses on Flask development. 

Free courses are available on YouTube. Platforms like Udemy provides a lot of quality courses. Doing courses on websites like Coursera or Udemy can get you certifications which can convey to employers that your flask knowledge is legitimate. 

For more information on what courses to do, Check out the article on 4 Best Udemy Courses to Learn Flask.

4. Start Monetizing Your Skills

Once you think you can solve problems using your Flask web development skills, start applying for jobs. 

You can also try to get experience by taking up freelancing. It enhances your coding skills, experience, and other soft skills. For more ideas on monetizing your web development skills, check out our article on How to Make Money as a Web Developer.

Try to apply for internships in companies that might give you a Flask project. If you have the right skills and interest in Flask development, there is a high chance that the company may consider you for internships and provide you with projects related to your area of interest. 

An internship can be a valuable experience for you in terms of working on a real-time application of Flask. This can also be added to your resume and can come in handy when you apply for a Flask developer job.

Applications of Flask

If you’re still feeling skeptical about Flask being a career choice, don’t worry. Here are some of the companies that have Flask in their tech stack:

Companies that use the Flask framework

For detailed information, check out the article on What Can You Do With Flask

Flask is used by top and famous companies like the above. As long as people use web applications, they need developers, which brings us to the final step.

Apply for flask developer jobs at your favorite and dream companies. Practice coding, research sample interview questions, attend actual interviews, and keep working hard to improve your skills.

Final Thoughts

Python development is a good career choice due to its widespread application and demand. Specializing in Flask is a great choice if you want to get into web development.

Flask has high prospects in the job market, and it is not getting outdated anytime soon. People have been developing web applications for a long time now, and the market needs enthusiasts like you to build great things.

Hope this article sparks motivation and guides you in your journey to becoming a Flask developer. We wish you all the very best in your future coding endeavors. Happy coding!

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