About Pythonista Planet

It all started in 2018 after I read “Soft Skills”, a book for software developers written by John Sonmez. John convinced me to start a blog to market myself as a software developer. Initially, I created a website on a free platform and after a year, I deleted that website. In 2019, I decided to spend some money on hosting and domain, and created a new site called “Pythonista Planet”. I purchased this domain in April 2019.

Soon, I started putting together several tutorials and articles on Python, web development, data science, and other programming languages. I spent a lot of late nights and early mornings making this website a great resource for all software developers.

Whenever I learn some cool stuff related to programming, I share that on this website. I try to simplify difficult technical concepts and give helpful tips and information based on my experience in coding. My goal is to help other people on their quests to become better programmers.

After a long period of hard work, several readers came to the site and told me that the articles were really helpful. The support and the feedback that I get from the audience inspire me to create more articles and tutorials. I launched a Podcast and interviewed a couple of successful software developers. In the future, I want to continue the podcast series and put several video tutorials on the  YouTube channel to help the coding community.

Let’s grow together and make this world a better place with the code we write. If you want to contact me, shoot an email to pythonistaplanet@gmail.com. Also, follow Pythonista Planet on Pinterest and LinkedIn.