6 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Python

YouTube has plenty of high-quality content related to computer programming. And the best thing is that it is free. In this article, I’ll share some of the best YouTube channels out there, which provide exceptional videos on Python.

I’ve personally used YouTube a lot of times for learning different things. In fact, YouTube has been the most-helping platform to improve my skills. If you filter out the crap and subscribe to good-quality channels, you can use this platform for your growth.

Best YouTube Channels To Learn Python

Now, let’s see what my favorite Python YouTube channels are.

1. Clever Programmer

Why I put Clever Programmer on the top of this list? Well, it’s because this channel introduced me to Python. A few years ago, when I was in college doing my Computer Science degree, I used to watch this channel a lot.

Python was not there in our curriculum. But somehow, Rafeh Qazi’s videos caught my attention. I binge-watched all of his content and learned Python.

Later, this channel introduced me to web development and other applications of Python. Qazi focuses on teaching how to make money through freelancing and online tutoring. I signed up for several online freelance platforms and made some money using my coding skills.

Qazi has awesome communication skills, and all of his videos are energetic and fun. Also, he has a lot of knowledge of soft skills. He has a playlist on the basics of Python. You can also take this as a course on the Clever Programmer website for free.

This channel can be very helpful if you want to become a Python developer. You can find the Clever Programmer channel by clicking here.

Some of his most popular playlists are:

Qazi is focusing on Javascript these days. Earlier, the channel was completely dedicated to Python programming. Now, he has a couple of other content creators with him, and the focus is on both Javascript and Python.

Also, Qazi is a pro in marketing. Watch out for some crazy videos promoting his premium courses. However, the free content has a lot of value. Check out his channel and learn something new.

2. CS Dojo

CS Dojo, created by a developer called YK, is one of my favorite YouTube channels. This channel has over a million subscribers, and the content is awesome. CS Dojo creates content related to computer science, especially data structures and algorithms, coding interviews, and projects.

YK most often uses Python as the programming language to solve computer science problems. He also creates videos on building projects and real startup, which is really helpful for all programmers.

Some of the most popular playlists of his channel are:

CS Dojo was pretty useful for me when I was doing my Computer Science degree. If you’re a computer science enthusiast, this channel will be really helpful for you.

You won’t see too many marketing or shameless plugs here. The focus is more on providing free information. That’s why I really like this channel.

3. CodingEntreprenuers

CodingEntreprenuers is a great resource for learning Django and web development. This channel was created by Justin Mitchel and was previously called CFE (Coding For Entrepreneurs).

Justin launched the Try Django series at the time I was learning Django, and it was really helpful. I learned a lot about Django from his channel, and I really enjoy his content. Later, he created a lot of content on various technology, such as React, Docker, OpenCV, etc.

Some of my favorite playlists of CodingEntreprenuers are:

I think he has also created some Udemy courses on Django. Justin is a great guy to learn Django from, and I highly recommend you check out his channel. If you’re considering to learn Django, CodingEntreprenuers is a fabulous free resource.

4. Real Python

Real Python is a resource that all Pythonistas know. If you’re a Python programmer, you might have visited the Real Python website at least once. They also have a pretty good YouTube channel.

Dan Bader, the founder of Real Python, creates really helpful content on the YouTube channel. I haven’t watched their tutorial videos. But, I’ve watched a lot of the Q&A videos that Dan makes on his channel. These videos will help you get an expert opinion on various questions and topics.

If you’re building your career on Python, Dan’s videos will be really helpful. I’ll list down some of my favorite playlists of the Real Python channel.

I highly suggest you check out the videos from Dan Bader. You’ll learn a lot and improve your Python skills. Click here to find his channel.

5. Python Programmer

Python Programmer is a great channel created by Giles McMullen-Klien. This channel focuses on learning Python and topics related to data science and machine learning.

Giles makes short and high-quality videos on various Python topics. He has free content on his channel to learn the basics of Python, machine learning, and data science.

He also focuses on creating videos related to various Python libraries such as numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, etc. These videos can be really valuable if you’re a data science enthusiast. He has also launched a Python course on Udemy.

These are some of his popular playlists:

If you want to improve your knowledge in data science, I recommend you check out the Python Programmer YouTube channel.

6. Siraj Raval

Siraj Raval has a YouTube channel that produces content on machine learning and artificial intelligence. This channel taught me a lot of things, specifically deep learning, image classification, etc. Siraj produces fun and engaging content while teaching complex AI concepts.

Siraj Raval copied the code and content of other people for making some of his videos, and it became a big controversy in the AI world. He has also done some blunders with his online course. Due to these reasons, this guy lost the trust of people.

I thought about it twice before adding this channel to this list. But, he has helped me learn a lot, and I think his videos will be really helpful for you if you want to learn AI. At the end of the day, what we’re looking for is good-quality content to improve our skills.

Here are some of the popular playlists of Siraj Raval:

I recommend you check out his videos on YouTube and do not buy his course. 

Final Thoughts

I know I might have missed some great channels on this list. YouTube has plenty of amazing channels related to Python. These are just a few of the best Python channels, according to my experience. 

If you know some other great Python YouTube channels, let me know in the comments section. That will help all the readers with improving their Python skills.

All the YouTube content is free for you. I hope you’ll make use of it to improve your skills. If you’re looking for some premium online materials, I suggest you read the article that I’ve written on 7 Best Online Course Platforms To Learn Coding

If this article was helpful, do let me know in the comments. Also, do share it so that others can find this article. 

Happy Coding!

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