What Is a Pythonista and How to Become One

Hey there. Welcome to Pythonista Planet! This is the place where Pythonistas chill out. If you have coded in Python, you must know the term ‘Pythonista’.

If you don’t know what is meant by Pythonista, let’s find out what it is. This article is a special dedication to all the Pythonistas out there. Even if you are not a Pythonista, you will become one at the end of this article.

So, let’s dive in and talk about Pythonistas.

What is the meaning of ‘Pythonista’?

Pythonista is someone who uses the python programming language to do his work. They are programmers who are loyal fans of the Python language.

Pythonistas are the ones that always think of new ideas and create new things using Python, they seem to be the ones who are likely the leaders talking about Python programming.

Even though Pythonistas love Python, that doesn’t mean that they hate other programming languages. Every programming language has its pros and cons, and programmers should respect every language. Pythonistas consider Python as one of the easiest, popular and powerful programming languages in the world.

Pythonista vs Pythoneer

Pythonista and Pythoneer are two terms that are commonly used in the Python programming world. But do you know what is the difference between these two terms? Let’s see.

Just like Pythonistas, pythoneers are hardcore fans of the Python language. But the term Pythoneer is most often used to call an expert Python programmer. 

You can expand the term Pythoneer as Python Engineer. You can see that the term pythoneer is made by combining the words python and engineer. So, pythoneers know what they do.

They are highly skilled python programmers who know the ins and outs of the language. They know advanced programming concepts like data structures and algorithms, object-oriented concepts, exception handling, and many more.

But, we use the term Pythonista to refer to someone passionate about python, even if he/she is a beginner in programming. You don’t need to learn everything about python to become a Pythonista. The love for the language will eventually help Pythonistas to become pythoneers.

Why do we love Python?

Now there are a ton of computer programming languages for you to choose from. There is Python, Java, C, C++, C#, Javascript, PHP, and a lot more.

Python is my favorite programming language in the world. Just like me and you, there are a lot of people who love Python.

Here is an interesting fact: Python was googled more times than Kim Kardashian in 2019. So, that means there are millions of Python fans around the world. Do you know why Python is so loved all around the world?

There are several reasons behind the popularity of the Python programming language. But, the major reason is the simplicity of the language.

Python is so simple compared to other programming languages. I don’t enjoy coding in Java as much as I do with Python. Maybe for someone else, Java or other languages could be very fun. Everyone has their personal choices.

Every programming language is great. But for a beginner, it is pretty easy to learn Python than any other programming language.

The syntactical difficulty level of Python is much lower. You don’t have to worry about each little tiny detail to start with. That is why it is becoming the most used language around the globe. 

Python is literally how you’re typing something in English, it does not need a curly brace, a semi-colon, or a squiggly bracket. The actual focus is on the semantics not on the syntax.

Due to its elegance and simplicity, Python is now used as the introductory programming language to teach students in many top universities across the globe. Also, Python developers make more money compared to those people who use other programming languages.

Python is also a powerful language. It has many applications such as web development, machine learning, and a lot more. Python provides several machine learning libraries such as tensorflow, scikit-learn, etc. Hence, it is widely used for machine learning and artificial intelligence purposes.

How to become a Pythonista?

If you are a complete beginner at programming, then Python is the best choice for you to learn to code. You can become a Pythonista by learning the fundamentals of the Python language.

Here is a link to my article on the Basics of Python. You can learn the basic syntax of the language, which is very easy to learn. 

If you are already familiar with the fundamentals of the language and you want to take your Python skills to the next level, then I recommend you to do some projects using Python.

The easiest way to create an app is by using the Tkinter library of Python. Here is a complete guide to making 3 beautiful projects using the Tkinter library of Python. By doing these projects, you will get a basic idea about how developers make software and apps.

After that, you can either choose between web development or machine learning. Become a specialist in any of these areas by doing projects.

If you want to do web development with Python, then you should choose the Django framework. Django is a framework that is used to do a lot of work in less time. 

However, Django is a bit overwhelming at the beginning. But you can master it with patience and hard work. Click here to check out my article on how to become a Python Django web developer.

If you want to do machine learning, which is the hot technology right now, it is not as difficult to master it as it seems. There are several Python libraries available that will help you to do machine learning projects very easily.

Doing projects is very important since it is the best way to learn any technology. Here is my list of 21 machine learning project ideas that you should try out for your next project. Check it out!

How do Pythonistas make Money?

Pythonistas should know how to make money with Python since Python is their passion. There are a lot of opportunities available for Python programmers to make money for living using the language itself.

According to various surveys, an average Python programmer makes $110,021 in a year. That’s a lot of money. But, some people make way more than this amount.

Programmers can make money from various streams such as developer jobs, freelancing jobs, teaching programming, creating a startup company, making youtube videos, blogging, participating in coding competitions, etc. Check out my article on how to make money with python and discover your career strategies.

I can say that I am a Pythonista because I’m a huge fan of the Python programming language and I use Python for my projects and work as much as I can. 

What about you? Are you a fan of the Python programming language? If you are a Pythonista, why do you love Python more than any other programming language? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’m curious to know.

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to type them down in the comments. I will be happy to help you.

If this article was helpful to you, do share it with your fellow Pythonistas.

Ashwin Joy

I'm the face behind Pythonista Planet. I learned my first programming language back in 2015. Ever since then, I've been learning programming and immersing myself in technology. On this site, I share everything that I've learned about computer programming.

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  1. Thank you for your exciting text about python. I love data science and machine learning. I think that python is a key toolkit for making projects in the data science domain.

  2. I love python language becoz of its simplicity…..and your article is so helpful to me…..

  3. Thank you Ashwin for this article and for the Pythonista planet. You make Python more interesting and lovable. I can see the passion in all your writings. I am a new Pythonista and hope to learn so much from you.

  4. Wow! Thank you for this awesome piece. Indeed, python is the best programming language. The simple syntax and it’s powerful architecture makes it the go to for most people beginning to learn to code.

  5. Hello fam, i can’t say that am new to programming because i did some backend using PHP in my gap year but as a self-taught things is not easy at all from 2020 when i was 16 i got a passion for tech just to bring solutions to my community that’s why why in tech and then i get obsessed to learn tech. currently am learning Python to join machine learning journey so that i’ll be able to build different models and chatbot (the project i working on in my gap year) and am dobting as i can’t find resources that are friendly to beginners

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