15 Awesome Desk Accessories for Software Developers

Being a software developer is not an easy job. The long hours you have to spend sitting in front of a desk just makes the work even harder than it already is. Although it may not always be possible to make your job easier, sprucing up your workspace is definitely an option and sometimes it makes all the difference!

Adding a few accessories to your desk can drastically improve your workstation visually and in terms of organization. For this reason, I have compiled a list of desk accessories that can make your work life a bit easier by creating an environment that is more conducive to productivity.

Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is a must-have item in any office space, whether it be your personal home office or work office! Working in an unorganized or cluttered space isn’t conducive to productivity and this fact is backed by research.

The problem may not even be messiness, it could just be that you have far too many work items or office supplies. This desk organizer is the perfect remedy to your disorienting workstation! Whether it be files, office supplies, letters, or post-its, this organizer can sort out everything for you.

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Laptop Stand

Do you frequently get back pain, neck aches, or sore shoulders? Or does your laptop overheat easily because of the long hours you spend using it? If you relate, a laptop stand may be what you need to make your life easier.

It lifts up your laptop to eye level and increases ventilation. This is a useful preventative method for ‘tech neck’, a common condition in people like software developers who spend a substantial amount of time looking downwards at electronic gadgets. Additionally, laptop stands look great in offices and even clear up space on your desk!

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Cable Organizer

If you’re sick of always having a tangle of cables on your desk, you should definitely be looking into buying a cable organizer! Cable organizers are great desk accessories that make your workspace look pleasant and well-ordered.

It is a small and simple product that keeps your cables organized so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time constantly untangling wires.

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Desktop Dry-Erase Board

A desktop dry-erase board is a great addition to your workstation if you’re someone who tends to take on-the-fly notes a lot or has trouble keeping track of important appointments such as work meetings. Instead of wasting scratch paper or post-its, you can make use of this small and quirky dry-erase board.

It’s a wonderful organizational tool and doesn’t take up too much space on your desk either.

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Weekly Planner

A weekly planner is a constant feature on the desks of a significant portion of working professionals. It is a valuable, useful, and aesthetic addition to any workstation.

It is especially advantageous for those of you who benefit from writing your tasks down or have trouble remembering to get tasks done. It helps with staying organized, scheduling appointments, and developing healthy habits. Being able to check tasks off of planner lists is a source of motivation for many and it’s a technique backed by research.

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Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair

Sitting upright at a desk for eight hours is not good for your spine at all and that’s probably why so many people who work desk jobs constantly complain of back and shoulder pain.

If this sounds like you, you should probably consider investing in a seat cushion pillow for your office chair. It is an orthopedist-recommended product that reduces lower back pain, muscle fatigue, and increases blood flow.

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Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are another excellent way to accessorize your desk while at the same time retaining practicality. If you’re frequently working late nights or just don’t have a well-lit workspace, I promise you that a desk lamp is the solution that you’re looking for.

It reduces the strain on your eyes and keeps you awake. This particular desk lamp comes with a wireless phone charger and light dimming settings so that you can set the brightness according to your comfort level.

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Desktop File Sorter

A file sorter is another must-have product for any office space! Of course, a significant portion of files are digitized these days but many organizations still do use files for keeping physical records.

A file sorter can be used to store files, books, notebooks, letters, or any other important papers that you need to maintain for your work. It is a very useful item to clear the clutter on your desk and helps with staying organized.

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Desk Pad Protector Mat

This item is pretty much essential for software developers. It serves multiple purposes; it protects your desk, serves as a mouse pad, works as a writing pad, prevents your laptop from heating up, and more!

On top of all of this, a protector mat makes your desk look much livelier, attractive, and organized. It really is a no-brainer purchase!

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Cell Phone Stand

Phone stands are all the rage right now for good reason. They are a handy tool that keeps your phone upright at eye level so that you can easily read messages, emails, attend video calls, and watch videos.

It reduces the strain on your neck and prevents the infamous tech neck from developing. Charging your phone also becomes easier with this product and it increases the space on your desk.

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Transparent Computer Monitors Side Panel

This is another excellent item that helps with staying organized and keeping track of information. Are you prone to forgetting work appointments or losing motivation during the workday? Well, this side panel is the perfect place to note down those important dates and write memos for yourself.

It keeps this information at eye level, right next to your computer screen where you are likely to see it. This way you can stay on top of your work and keep yourself motivated throughout the week.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This one is not so much for your desk as it is for you but it was still included on this list because of its usefulness for working software developers. If your eyes often feel strained or if you feel that your eyesight tends to get a bit blurry during a long workday, blue-light-blocking glasses could be just what you need!

They reduce these symptoms by blocking out harmful blue light. What’s more, is that they are quite stylish and attractive! They can even be used for other purposes such as protecting your eyes during any physical activity.

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Foot Rest Under Desk

This is another healing product for those of you who have body aches from spending long hours sitting in one position. It has numerous benefits; it supports your legs, reduces the pressure on the hips, promotes blood circulation in the legs, prevents lower back pain, and reduces overall stress.

It is a simple solution to a multitude of problems! It lets your feet rest in comfort and also functions as a rocker to keep you moving a bit. An added benefit of this movement is increased focus!

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Desktop Stand for Printer

Similar to a laptop stand, a desktop stand for a printer is advantageous in its ability to free up space on your desk. Its lower shelf can be used to store files, books, potted plants, or any of your other office supplies.

The possibilities are endless with its multifunctional design! Your workspace can look more much more organized, modern, and attractive just with this simple addition.

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Webcam Cover for Laptop

Protecting your privacy is extremely important in today’s day and age where your devices are vulnerable to malicious attacks. A webcam cover is a popular purchase presently, especially if you’re someone who uses your laptop frequently to attend meetings or conferences via video call. It is easy to use, thin, and has the added benefit of protecting your webcam from dust.

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This brings us to the end of this article! I hope you were able to find something that addresses your needs and improves your workspace. Make your workspace the best so that you’ll be super thrilled to start your work every day.

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