8 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Programmer Girlfriend

There is a huge range of gifts available in the market today, but I understand that when it comes to gifting a girl, and that too when it’s your girlfriend, the process and item needs intellection. Moreover, when your girlfriend is a programmer, you have to be a little creative to make her happy.

I have compiled a list that can give you some creative ideas to impress and make your programmer girlfriend happy with a pretty useful gift.

Binary Watch

This binary watch is the geekiest gift item that I could ever come across. This is a perfect gift for computer geeks. Non-techies might not appreciate this item but computer nerds know how cool this watch is.

This watch is a binary clock that displays the time in the language of computers, i.e., binary language (only ones and zeros). If you know the basics of computer science, you know how to easily transform it into the timing system that we normally use.

The best part is that only computer nerds would be able to read the time from your watch. You can imagine the expressions that come to a normal person’s face when he/she looks at your watch.

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Coffee Mug

If your girl likes having coffee while working, so why let her drink in an old, dull, and plain coffee mug? After all, “Coffee is a hug in a mug”.

Isn’t this mug awesome? This will make her feel delighted. She will definitely enjoy her morning dose of caffeine with a funny design! This coffee mug is the perfect conversation starter and will surely amaze everyone.

The material used for this is the highest-standard glass for outstanding durability. So, you don’t need to worry about the duration it would last because it has a heavy bottom and thick walls, which makes it sturdy enough. The mug holds 13 oz of your favorite hot coffee or tea and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Neck and Back Electric Massager

Who doesn’t like a massage especially, when you work so hard the whole day and need to relax? This could be the perfect gift because, after her hectic schedule, she would definitely love to have a massage.

The neck and back massager provides a deep kneading massage with a soothing heat function featuring a 15-minute auto-shutoff timer.

The ergonomic design allows you to massage all parts of the body from head to toe: neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, waist, arms, legs, thigs, calves, feet, etc.

The product includes an AC adapter, a car outlet adapter, a carry-bag, and a user manual. You can take it anywhere you want and can relax. It is made with high-quality PU leather for the outer layer and breathable soft mesh fabric.

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Neck Pillow

Talking about relaxation, here’s another option. This is a kit with a neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs, and luxury bag. What else would you need to comfort and make your girl relaxed?

The memory foam travel pillow averts the head from falling forward and mitigates neck pain during travel. With added adjustable rope lock, you can adjust the angle and the size of the pillow randomly. It is covered with a super soft magnetic therapy cloth which provides supreme comfort on your trip.

This kit is pretty useful for portability and comfort. It comes with an improved travel bag that allows the neck pillow to wedge down to ½ its size. With its snap strap, this pillow can be attached to your carry-on luggage without taking up additional space.

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Laptop Table

This is one of the necessary items that any programmer needs. You can go for it if nothing seems reasonable and matching your expectation. This is always a safe and good option.

It can also be used for TV dinner/breakfast trays, DJ sound equipment, projector, writing desk, book holder, 13″ – 17″ laptop desk, and much more.

This desk organizer has adjustable legs that palliate you from back pain, shoulder stress and keeps you comfortable. It is ultra-lightweight and easily portable.

This laptop desk has 2 built-in cooling fans to make sure you succor your workflow on your computer for as long as possible. You can also adjust the angle which slants your keyboard. Working from home just got much more efficient!

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Customized T-Shirt

If your girlfriend loves having a great and brimming wardrobe, then this is a cool item that you can gift her.

The message on the T-Shirt is pretty cool, which your programmer girlfriend would absolutely appreciate, and the quality is premium.

It is made of 100% cotton, and the t-shirt is pretty soft. This is a pretty good casual t-shirt. It would be nice to wear it while working from home. Modern digital printing technology is used here, and it is fully machine washable.

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Screen light bar

If you are willing to opt for a desktop table, then this screen light bar is also not a bad option. And even as a standalone gift, it is quite handy. What if the light is not desirable when your girlfriend wants to switch places from her standard boring workplace and wants to work somewhere desirable? Here comes this screen light bar to save the day!

The light features 3 Colour Modes:

  • Working mode: Cool white light 
  • Reading mode: Nature white light 
  • Relax mode: Warm light 

Isn’t this amazing? You can keep it handy as it is lightweight and can be easily installed. It lights up the desk and ensures zero reflective glare off the screen, and also, it is flicker-free, which helps in alleviating eye fatigue.

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Raspberry Pi Kit

If your girlfriend is too geeky and loves tech stuff, then this is the perfect kit you can gift her. A raspberry pi is a tiny computer that can be used to do a lot of interesting things.

This exclusive Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Starter Kit includes:

  • Black Case
  • Low noise Fan
  • Processor-1.5GHz 64-bit quad-core
  • PiSwitch
  • Samsung 32 GB EVO+
  • USB- C Power Supply
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB MicroSD Card Reader
  • Set of Heat Sinks
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Reference Card
  • Aavailable in 2, 4, 8 GB RAM 

What else is required in a device? All the above characteristics would definitely be cherished by your geeky girlfriend, and she would enjoy the process of amalgamating the parts into one and making something great with it.

This is a great deal because you are getting pretty much everything you need to get started. Buying all the parts separately would be a difficult task and will cost you almost the same amount. Click here to check out the current price on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

I tried to show you a decent range of presents that you can gift your girlfriend. I think I have covered all the aspects and brought to you what’s the best out there. These gifts are versatile and can be gifted to your programmer girlfriend on various occasions.

If you are still confused, just follow her social media or ask her best friend for suggestions. That could help you in shortlisting some items.

I think now you would be able to figure out or at least have an idea about what to buy for her. Make her occasion awesome with a unique gift that is actually useful.

Thanks for reading!

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