4 Best Udemy Courses to Learn Java

You may love it or hate it, but Java is the most commonly used programming language all around the world, by both service-based companies and product-based companies.

The best part of Java is that it has excellent community support, which means, if you are a beginner, then you can find a lot of help online. In this article, let’s see some of the top-rated Java courses available on Udemy.

The Complete Java Certification Course

This course created by Imtiaz Ahmad helps you master the critical components of core Java even with no prior Java experience. The course covers aspects ranging from variables and datatypes to Threading, Java JDBC, and streams API. Unlike many other courses, Object Orientation is given special focus here.

You are also provided with plenty of practice writing classes and interfaces which help you in acing concepts related to exception handling, file processing, debugging software using Eclipse, and so on.

Adequate information regarding JDBC API required for working with MySQL Database is also available here. The projects involved in this course are industry-relevant and professional. The course is highly rated due to the way the instructor has turned complicated topics into easy interactive components. To summarize, this is an elegant, accurate, and methodic course to start with.

Course NameThe Complete Java Certification Course
InstructorImtiaz Ahmad
Duration17.5 hours

Click here to check more details of the course and its current price.

Java Programming Master Class For Software Developers

This 80.5 hours long course with 50 Quizzes and 49 coding exercises is more likely a one-stop-shop to learn Java. If you kind of feel overwhelmed by the size and duration of the course, here comes the happy news: You do not have to complete the entire course to be productive as a Java Developer. The reason is that the core Java basics you need to learn are covered in the first seven sections(nearly 14 hours in total).

The rest of the course covers intermediate, advanced, and optional topics that are not that important. But if anyone wishes to ace, like almost all the basics of Java, then you can go through the entire course. Else, feel free to skip those sections that you feel are unnecessary. Since Oracle, the owners of Java, release new versions of Java every 6 months, it is necessary for us to stay updated.

No worries, this course is focused on Java8 and has recently been updated on Java11. This is an absolutely beginner-friendly course designed with simplicity. You can master the core Java skills required to become employable in around 14 hours.

This course is highly rated for its efficiency in providing a sufficient level of knowledge on fundamental building blocks of Java so that later you can easily jump into core Java technologies like Android development, Spring framework, etc. To ensure your progress, the course has got a unique challenge feature too.

Course NameJava Programming Masterclass for Software Developers
InstructorTim Buchalka
Duration80 hours

For more details of the course including the syllabus and its current price, click here.

Learn Core Java Programming – Beginner To Master

If you believe that the best way to become a Java expert is to have a practical approach to learn Java, then this course is the right pick for you. Vivid and unparalleled way of explaining topics and promptness in clarifying doubts are some of the reasons for the massive popularity of this course. Usually, most online tutors fail to answer all the questions in their Q&A section though they promise to do so. But this doesn’t happen here.

Course content ranges from basics to all the features in Java like Multithreading, AWT, Swing, Collection Framework, Networking, etc., and also helps you to get familiar with IDE’s like NetBeans, Eclipse, or IntelliJ. In this 61.5 hours long course, every topic is explained with real-life examples which helps you to grasp concepts more accurately.

Abdul Bari, the instructor of this course has taken special care to explain topics with utmost simplicity and real-world examples. The course is suitable for nerds of any level, be it absolute beginners who wish to learn in-depth java programming, intermediates trying to polish their aptitude to an expert level, Java programmers, or even students for their academic purpose.

To those who are new to oops concepts, this would be a good place to start due to the well-organized structure and moderately challenging exercises.

Course NameLearn Core JAVA Programming – Beginner to Master
InstructorAbdul Bari
Duration61.5 hours

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Java In-Depth: Become A Complete Java Engineer

This 67.5 hours long course with 38 Quizzes, 27 articles, 4 assignments, and 15 coding exercises is a sure source of in-depth understanding of core and advanced features of Java including JVM internals.

The course begins by providing an overall view of Java and later all the essential topics including language basics, object-oriented concepts and design, JVM internals, exceptions, IO, collections framework, generics, multi-threading, databases, nested classes, enums, and functional-style programming via Java 8 constructs like lambdas and streams are covered in-depth with real-life examples.

Several coding exercises and quizzes with the auto-evaluation feature are included to reinforce your learning. A course project involving a bookmarking web application is included, which helps in understanding the practical side of Java concepts and multi-threading too.

The highlight feature that makes this course a truly complete one is its explanation regarding best practices and design principles at the end. Dheeru, the instructor has framed this course in such a way that it touches every topic with great clarity and in-depth explanation.

Course NameJava In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer!
InstructorDheeru Mundluru
Duration66.5 hours

Click here to go to Udemy and check the syllabus and current price of this course.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the top picks from Udemy to master Java programming language. Udemy has always been successful in providing quality courses at cheaper rates and that is the sole reason why I selected only Udemy courses in this article. Another exciting feature of Udemy is its exciting offers. If you find the cost unaffordable then stay alert to Udemy offers and discounts to purchase these courses at surprisingly low rates.

These courses are all highly rated due to their massive success in taking their learners from beginner to advanced level. So go through each of these courses in detail and find out the one that suits you well.

Happy Coding!

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