Why Is Python So Popular?

Python has become an increasingly important language in the modern digital era. Why is Python so popular? Python is popular because it is used by developers all around the world to create efficient and intuitive programming solutions.

Let’s look at some factors that have helped to make Python one of the most popular languages.

1. Python Is Easy to Learn

One of the barriers for those new to coding is that each programming languages have its own rules and syntax and often requires acquiring an entirely new vocabulary.

Python is simple and quite comparable to regular English. It has a simpler syntax and a focus on natural language, making it easier to learn for newcomers.

Python is usually the first choice for new developers because it is free to use and has a vast ecosystem of libraries and packages. This makes Python the best choice for people new to coding.

2. Python Is a Versatile Language

Python is known as a versatile programming language. This means that, unlike domain-specific languages, Python may be used to create any form of application in any field.

You can use Python in almost anything, such as web development, data science, cyber security, hardware programming, etc. Python provides a variety of frameworks and modules, and hence, it can handle almost any coding task.

Applications of Python
Applications of Python

3. Python Has Quick Development Time

Python is efficient, fast, and reliable. A developer who specializes in a different programming language may occasionally inquire, “Why is Python so slow?”. Yes, Python has a little slower execution speed than several other languages, such as Java or C++.

However, development time is far more critical than computer run time in today’s world, and Python is pretty good at that.

Python just cannot be beaten in terms of time-to-market. Python is also efficient and dependable, allowing programmers to design complex solutions with little effort.

We have a separate article on understanding “Why Python is Slower Than Other Languages” in terms of run time. Do check it out if you are interested. 

4. Python Enables Customized Automation

Some tasks can consume a large amount of the developer’s time. Python includes tools and modules to help developers automate these time-consuming, repetitive operations so that they may focus on more ideological aspects.

Python has become an automation standard across industries, thanks to its plugin library like Selenium. Even when developers are working with other programming languages, Python is frequently used to construct automation scripts.

5. Python Has an Active Community

Programmers rely on language documentation and community to understand the syntax or get help if they face any errors. Python has been around for over three decades, giving it plenty of time to develop a huge community of developers.

The Python community is very active. The community welcomes developers of all skill levels and makes documentation, guides, tutorials, and other resources readily available.

You will see plenty of tutorials and learning materials available online for Python. Hence, a newbie developer will find Python the best choice to start their programming journey.

6. Python Is the Most-used Language in Academia

Python has become the go-to computing language in schools, colleges, and other places of learning because of its simple nature and opportunity to work in multiple domains.

So those who pursue a formal education in computer science are far more likely to be exposed to Python throughout their studies and even more likely to use Python throughout their careers.

7. Python Is a Language Used by Top Tech Companies

When a branded company uses a language, it becomes more popular, and startups and people trust the language. Python has the support of several organizations, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon (AWS).

Google, for example, has been utilizing Python extensively since 2006. Python is one of the programming languages used by NASA. It is also used by several other government agencies, and the list is growing.

Companies/Apps that use Python

8. Python in Web Development

Python’s utility in web development deserves special attention because programmers quickly and easily get their web apps up and running by using the language. With the libraries, the community, and development speed, you can build the product in no time.

Python has frameworks like Flask and Django to help you make web applications of any type.

While other languages, such as Java or.NET, may give a faster performance, the development speed and coding experience make Python an obvious choice for rapid solutions. At the same time, a wide range of resources in Python incorporates different sorts of applications into the web apps.

9. Python in Data Science

Python is a must-have tool for programmers working in the field of data science, machine learning, cloud computing, and big data because of the ease of use, support, and flexibility it provides. Python is useful for analyzing and organizing large data sets.

Python, along with R, is the most popular programming language used in data science. The built-in data analysis tools, combined with a growing ecosystem of data-focused frameworks, ensure that Python remains the most popular data science programming language.

10. Python in Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is a field of technology that continues to grow as wireless access becomes more affordable. Python or Micropython (a scaled-down version of the Python) is supported by many of these devices.

Users prefer to use Python to fully utilize IoT as more and more gadgets are getting internet-connected.

11. Python in Game Development

Python is a wonderful starting point for game development because of its easy-to-read syntax, libraries, and the number of successful games built on it.

Python offers a lot of advantages during the development stage. For example, large game studios frequently use Python for the game prototype.

It means that the initial version of the game can be written in Python before the actual product is built to test the visual aspect of the game. Developers try this option because of the faster development time of Python.

Some games may use Python to enhance their codebase for some specific components. For example, the scorekeeping and team balancing of Battlefield 2 and the inner logic and AI of Civilization 4 are built using Python.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Python is popular for being versatile, reliable, having faster development time, and allowing programmers to build effective applications for businesses. Python has a rich set of libraries and community that helps developers rapidly develop products.

I hope you found the article useful. If you have any other points to add to this discussion, comment down below. Happy coding!

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