How to Become an Android Developer?

Android app development has gained a lot of popularity within a short period. People are demanding more apps to satisfy their daily needs.

In today’s world, everything is digital, and all of us depend on apps for all sorts of activities. The number of hours a person spends on social media apps is too high, and it reveals the demand for such apps.

So the potential of android development is pretty high, and it will surely increase in the future. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to become an android developer.

Let’s get into it.

1. Consistancy and Passion

Consistency and passion are the two key qualities one should have to become a great android developer. Don’t think that it is too easy. You should be ready to put in a lot of hours to master the craft.

All you need to have is genuine interest and a hard-working mindset to become a good developer. There will be many challenges, but never give up. Once you get into this, I bet you will be the most passionate android developer because it is fun to build apps.

If this is clear and you are all in for android development, let’s look at the next steps.

2. Pick your Technology

You can build android apps with the help of various programming languages and tools. Android Studio, which is the most preferred platform for Android app development, allows two languages: Java and Kotlin, for app development.

Java was pretty much the leader in android development till recent times. Kotlin came into the picture much later, but it gave a big fight to Java. Kotlin was designed to interoperate fully with Java. Now, both Java and Kotlin are the two big players in android development. 

You can start with any one of these two languages. Both of them are great, and it’s just a matter of your personal choice. Choose any one of the two. Once you master one language, you can also learn the other one.

3. Pick an Online Course

Choosing a course is a really important step in your android development career. There are a plethora of resources available online, and it would be overwhelming for a beginner to choose a course and stick with it till the end.

So what are some of the great online courses on android development? Well, let me give you some recommendations.

“Android P with Machine Learning apps” is a great course available on Udemy, and this is a complete package for learning android development. The instructor of this course is the famous YouTuber, Hitesh Choudhary, and the course comes up with 26+ projects that you can add to your portfolio. Click here to check out more details about this course.

If you need some more options, Android Java Masterclass and Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin by Tim Buchalka are also pretty amazing courses.

4. Download the Essential Tools

Android app development needs some essential tools to be downloaded from the internet. Some of the required tools are Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, Vysor, Adobe XD, etc.

Android studio is the platform where you built your apps. It is an integrated environment that provides you with the essential entities needed for app development. These tools are free, and it does not cause any additional charges.

All you need is a stable internet connection so that you can download the essential tools of your choice. But, make sure that you have a laptop or desktop that is capable enough to run Android Studio. Android Studio is a heavy software, and it will not work on systems with less RAM and memory.

5. Create Many Android Applications

To become a great developer, you need to build a lot of projects. Create all kinds of apps until you become a pro in android development. You can add all of the projects you build to your portfolio and show it to recruiters or clients.

You can start with very basic apps with the help of online tutorials or courses. Follow along with the tutorials and build the apps with their help.

Once you become experienced in android development, you need to build your own apps. Try to solve a real-world problem with your app. You’ll get a great app idea if you do some brainstorming. Ideas are cheap. Execution is the important thing.

Once you build some apps, you are experienced enough to become a great android developer. Now, you can look for opportunities to monetize your skill.

6. Publish Apps on the Google Play Store

After creating several apps, try to build pretty decent apps that are functional and useful to the clients or users. Also, the important part is to publish the created apps in the play store.

You should at least publish one app that you’ve created by yourself on the play store. That will make you a great developer from a good developer.

Once you feel like your apps are good enough to help the users, just go and publish them on the store. There is a small fee to create an account on the Google Play Store. Pay that fee upfront and publish your apps. Once you create an account on the play store, you can publish any number of apps.

Having a play store account with several apps of your own is a great thing that you can show to recruiters and clients. That will help you market yourself as an expert in android development.

You can even monetize your apps with the help of ad networks like Admob or Facebook Audience Network. You can also make your apps premium and charge a fee when each user installs it on their android device.

7. Apply for Jobs or Start Freelancing

Once you think you are a decent android developer who can make apps as per the client’s demands, look for freelance android development opportunities or apply for a job.

You can look for freelance opportunities on online platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. But the easier way to get your first few clients is by looking for opportunities in your friend circle or your locality. Reach out to all the businesses in your area, and you’ll most probably get your first client from there. Take it from there and attract more clients by doing some marketing and promotion.

If you want to go the job route, that is also a great idea to get some experience. Create a great resume and apply for as many jobs as you can. You can find android development job opportunities in startups and big tech companies.

You should be able to communicate and collaborate with others instantly and be able to show passion and enthusiasm for Android development. Along with the technical skills, try to develop some soft skills as well.

Final Thoughts

Consistency will take you to places where motivation will not. It is true not only in the case of Android Development but in everything you do. If you need success, then there is no magic trick in it. You need to be consistent and make smart decisions about the thing that you are doing.

So, keep practicing android development and keep learning. Expand your knowledge and skills. Opportunities will come your way.

I hope this article was informative for you. Thanks for reading.

Happy Coding!

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