6 Best Udemy Courses for Front-end Web Development

Web Development, with its two branches: Front End and Back End, is an evergreen field in the cyber world, growing ever more in opportunities. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the best courses available in Udemy to polish your front-end web development skills.

Even though there are a lot of online course platforms out there, Udemy is my personal favorite one as they never fail to provide quality courses at cheaper rates. Take a look at some of the top-picked Udemy courses for Front End Development and read till the end to find out my personal favorite course.

Let’s jump right in.

The Complete Front End Web Developer Bootcamp  – 14 Projects

This course provided by LearnCodeOnline is one of the highly-rated courses in Udemy. The instructor of this course is Hitesh Choudhary, who is a famous tech YouTuber. This unique 19-hour course covers concepts ranging from HTML, CSS, Bootstrap to JavaScript, and jQuery.

I put this course on this list because this was the course that I took to learn front-end web development for doing a project in my college. The best part about this course is that you’ll be creating 14 front-end web development projects by the time you complete the course.

You’ll also get a premium website template that you can edit and use for your project without any copyright issues. I used that template for doing my college project and it was a really cool design.

The 14 projects included in this course will be of immense use in gaining a better understanding of web development and bug process. One can also learn more about the usage of dozens of plugins like animated CSS & TypeAhead.

The course is built on the clever strategy of focusing on one at a time i.e, front-end web development only. The course is set in an easy and sorted manner with friendly, effective projects. If you’re a newbie in front-end web development, this is one of the most appropriate courses for you to build your skills.

Course NameThe Complete front end web developer Bootcamp – 14 projects
InstructorHitesh Choudhary
Duration19 hours

You can click here to check out the course details including the syllabus and the current offered price.

Front End Web Development –  Build A Twitter Clone

This 12.5 hours course developed by Code and Create comes up with a lot of special features. In this course, front-end web development is explained by building a clone of Twitter.

Before building the project, a crash course of all the technologies used, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DOM is available in the course. One can learn to build the UI of Twitter based on HTML and CSS.

This well made and well-paced course is a suitable choice to get solid knowledge and experience in front end development. This course helps us in understanding the structure and architecture of one of the world’s most widely used social websites.

Course NameFront End Web Development Bootcamp – Build a Twitter Clone
InstructorGeorge Lomidze, Lasha Nozadze
Duration12.5 hours

Check more details of the course syllabus and its current price by clicking here.

The Complete JavaScript Course: From Zero To Expert

Curated by Jonas Schmedtmann, this is a highly rated course which perfectly reveals the mode of working of JavaScript. The importance of the course lies in the fact that JavaScript has emerged to be one among the most popular programming languages in the world, providing millions of high-paying jobs all around the globe and this is the most complete JavaScript course provided by Udemy.

In short, this is like many courses combined into one. One special point to be noted is that you can become an excellent developer by even watching only parts of the course too. 

The essence of the course lies in its 6 real-world projects, along with 50+ challenges and assignments. The course is designed in such a way that the beneficiaries will be able to think and work like a developer by the end of this course. 

More than mere theoretical aspects, this 86 hour long course is truly a flood of practical concepts of JavaScript, which makes it a must-try course for every JS programmer.

Course NameThe Complete JavaScript Course: From Zero to Expert!
InstructorJonas Schmedtmann
Duration66.5 hours
Rating4.7 hours

If you’re interested in this course, click here to check the course syllabus and current price.

Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

Brad’s Youtube courses (Traversy Media) have inspired programmers all around the world, and here we have one of the top-rated courses in Udemy by Brad Traversy. This course of 21-hour duration unfolds JavaScript with 10 real-world projects and also Asynchronous programming with Ajax.

This will be a highly recommended course for anyone who wishes to learn modern front to back JavaScript from beginner to advanced level without using libraries and frameworks.

The specialty of the course is that it has got something for everyone – both beginners as well as established JS programmers. Once enrolled in the course, worry less, as Brad is one of the best instructors, he can take care of the rest through his code-along approach.

Course NameModern JavaScript From The Beginning
InstructorBrad Traversy
Duration21.5 hours

Click here to check more details about the course and its current offered price.

Front End Web Development – How And Why

This 8.5 hours long course by Paul Cheney helps you to create responsive web pages, images, and image sliders.

Accessing JSON data using AJAX, using a CSS preprocessor with SASS, adding a Google Font to our website with Google API, lazy loading, etc is made easy through this course. Each of these chapters is self-contained so that you can easily jump into the desired course at any time. 

One will also be able to build a weather site using JSON data by the end of this course. The tutor has made special efforts to demonstrate correct coding as well as point out usual mistakes made by programmers.  This course has been rated for it’s clear and concise, step by step way of explaining facts and techniques.

Course NameFront End Web Development – How and Why
InstructorPaul Cheney
Duration8.5 hours

If you want to learn more about this course, click here and go to Udemy. Check the current price and the syllabus of the course.

The Complete Web Development Bootcamp

This course by Dr. Angela Yu is a finely crafted course with a curriculum that was developed over a period of 4 years, and probably the only course you need to learn to code and become a full-stack web developer. This course is one of the most popular courses available on the internet for front-end web development.

This 50-hour long course with nearly 80 articles, 12 quizzes, and 8 coding exercises is suitable for programmers of any level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) as it helps stabilize a good foundation. This course has been highly rated for its user experience and absolutely relevant content.

Here, one can master back end development with Node and front end development with React. The course covers the latest frameworks and technologies used at large companies like Apple, Google, Netflix, etc., including JavaScript ES6, Bootstrap 4, MongoDB, with animated videos and real-world projects.

You will also be building a portfolio of over 25+ websites that can be shown off to any potential employer.

Course NameThe Complete Web Development Bootcamp
InstructorDr.Angela Yu
Duration54.5 hours

Click here to check out the syllabus and more details of my favorite course on front-end web development.

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned are some of the top choices from Udemy in learning Front End Development at affordable rates. I hope you found this article useful in selecting a good course.

Try a preview of each one of these courses and go forth with the one that suits you well.

If you’re interested, check out the article that I wrote on How To Become A Front End Web Developer.

Happy coding!

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